Fishing trip in Ensenada’s famous Todos Santos Bay, visiting popular spots like Todos Santos Island, Punta Banda, San Miguel reef and Morro Point.
Fishing season in Todos Santos Bay starts in April and ends in November. During the off season we target the best bottom fishing available.
Seasonal catches include yellowtail, bonito, barracuda, white sea bass, calico bass, and sand bass. Available all year long are lingcod, white fish, red snapper, rock cod, salmon grouper, sheephead, scorpionfish and other rockfish.
For your comfort and safety, we offer Open Party Trips with limited capacity.

Let’s go fishing

Depart: 7:00 am

Arrival: 3:00 pm

$90.00 USD*

*$80.00 USD plus $10.00 USD for one day fishing license.
Fishing rod, reel, hooks, sinkers and bait included.

Children 12 years or under
$70.00 USD*

*Fishing rod, reel, hooks, sinkers and bait included.

Open Party Trips are only available on weekends Saturdays and Sundays during the off-season. Call us or send an email if you’d like to check availability for other dates.

Open party local option (7:00 am to 3:00 pm) is available every day from July 1st to September 4th of 2023.

Our packages do not include food or drinks, but you’re permitted to bring them onboard. There are also convenience stores available for you nearby.