Things To Know


The booking procedure is essential for a successful journey. Once you have determined the date of the boat trip, number of persons, open party or private charter and the departure time, you can book directly online and receive e-mail confirmation with details immediately. You can also arrange for any of our options by calling our office 1 – 619 – 399 – 7224 in Ensenada. Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) every day of the week. For additional information please call or e-mail.

All reservations must be paid in advance or guaranteed with at least 50% of the value of the trip. You can buy your tickets or charter in advance paying with debit cards and major credit cards. Card payments are processed by bank in the U.S. therefor, all transactions are done in dollars.

We recommend checking the weather reports for the city of Ensenada one or two days before the date of travel. The whale watching season takes place during the winter months therefore, it is possible to encounter bad weather on the day of the event. If you think that bad weather could affect your trip, we recommend calling or send e-mail to our office to evaluate the information available, we have many years of experience the most important thing is to give our passengers a secure and comfortable trip.


You can easily find our location in the port area using the Google maps tool available in the Contact button in the navigation bar or directly using the link available here.

Our free parking area is limited especially on Saturday or Sunday; around our terminal there are several safe private parking areas the regular parking rate is $1.00 to $2.00 dollars per hour. Arriving early you can also find free parking areas around the tourist pier.

You should arrive at our terminal 30 minutes before departure time and announce your arrival at the reservations counter inside our offices. Generally the hours listed in the confirmations are the exact time of departure please take note of this.

Take a motion sickness pill an hour before departure time, including people who do not get dizzy easily, as a precautionary measure are also advised to take the pill, is better to be safe and enjoy the trip. The drug most commonly used is Dramamine and can be purchased at the reservations counter within our terminal.

Is recommended that before the trip passengers should have a good breakfast, this contrary to the general perception of not eating at all. You can also bring onboard your own cold food and drinks generally boats don’t have galley service available, avoid when possible glass bottles.

Usually the weather is cold during the winter months even in those days when the sky is clear. Therefore we recommend you to bring warm jackets and generally wear clothing typical (appropriate) for the season especially if the boat trip is in the evening or during the afternoon when the weather is colder. Women are told to avoid high-heeled shoes or slippers, is preferable to bring comfortable shoes or tennis shoes for these activities. Sunglasses and hats are also recommended.

The conditions to be monitored before any boat trip are: The frequency and intensity of the waves, the wind speed and direction, clouds and chances of rain and fog. All of these conditions are taken into consideration before departure in the event that any of these conditions are present in extreme cases the trip could be canceled. Generally our organization handles this information well in advance, so we suggest a phone call to our offices if there is doubt about the weather the day of the boat trip.

Do not forget to bring your video equipment, cameras or binoculars. The use of these devices can greatly enhance the experience of the event, and also sharing the great adventure with others in the future.